Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bringing this phase to a close

With winter upon us, and a baby around the corner, I'm rushing to get a number of things buttoned up. We didn't get everything done that we planned on this year, but that's the way it usually goes. The back patio cover would have been really nice, but winter barbecues will have to be something to look forward to next year.

The kitchen is one step closer to being done. I was able to finish up the backsplash last night. Just need to caulk it and get a few coats of white paint on, but here it is so far:

You may have noticed we used a knotty pine wainscot for the backsplash even though we're painting it a solid color. The reason for this is that the less expensive MDF (medium density fiberboard) product contains formaldehyde, a toxic chemical that should be kept far from your body while you're alive. Non-toxic particle board and MDF products are becoming more available. The interior shelves in our cabinets, for example, are made of Skyblend, an FSC Certified particle board with no added formaldehyde.

The problem with non-toxic finish materials is that it is often hard to find the right size and profile for your project. For that same reason, we used solid wood baseboard and door trim in the master bedroom:

Moving on, we swapped the tiny shower in the master bathroom with a full tub:

I scored that nice Andersen double hung window from work because they had installed it on a project before realizing it was the wrong one.

Finally, what's behind the mysterious plastic curtain?

A giant hole in the house!

Yes, the downstairs bathroom is gutted. This week, I'll be installing a tankless water heater, removing the old tank, pulling the rest of the sub-floor, shimming the joists to level, and replacing the sub-floor.

The finish work needed to get the inside of the house done is enough that I won't be doing much outside anymore. Now we just need some goats to clean this yard up:

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  1. The kitchen looks a little different from what I saw last!

    And my goats would have your yard completely cleaned up in about half a day. They are mad and have taken to yelling all day because the grass and everything else quit growing. We'll just move up there, then get one of the goats pregnant, and give you guys the babies!