Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Black Friday

Just thought I'd share my thoughts on this Friday's consumer spend-off.

I just watched "The Story of Electronics", another installment from the folks who brought us "The Story of Stuff". If you have a few minutes:

While that video makes me never want to buy anything ever, that just isn't a practical option. I do, however, feel that we can be smart consumers in the midst of this madness. Last year, I picked up a $100 Shop Vac for $20 and got a great deal on a cordless drill set - All stuff I needed and was going to buy anyway.

I know that every thing we buy can't always be made locally or sustainably, and that there will be no revolution to change that overnight. What we can do is to do our best to change our habits, support local business, and steer clear of big box retailers when possible.

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  1. Thanks Joshua,
    I am going to recycle this on my blog and Facebook. I have worked on some concepts over the years to design a window system that would work this way.With product that is so integral to the design of a building they should be designed to be replaced repaired or up graded. A self flashing universal platform that is designed for upgrade and recycle. Corporations are so focused on the first sale of any product they fail to realize there business model may be a longer term model where up grades of the item of service may be more right for the planet and still be very profitable with less infrastructure .May be a $2000 lap top get a $500 upgrade every 18 months with a $3 piece of technology? May be we buy our mac book pro lap top cases and we return them every 36 months for a rebuild recycle for 1/2 the cost and less r&d.