Monday, November 8, 2010

It's coming together!

Ok, as promised (maybe a few days late), I have a ton of updates... Here we go.

Before I left for Alaska, Chance and I built the concrete form for our back patio. Him and another friend of mine did the concrete work while I was gone.

Alaska was amazing as usual. My Dad and I went to visit my brother and go on one last fishing trip before he sold his boat. I managed to get a good video clip of some Dall's Porpoise playing around the boat.

In September, Annie took a trip to New York and I took the opportunity to get our bedroom painted and install the floors.

The floors are FSC Certified Tigerwood and we absolutely love them.

I finally replaced the back door and got the rest of the framing around it repaired. Since the walls are eventually coming out another 1.5", I cut away some extra siding and furred out the old studs with 2x2's. This way, I could install the door flush where it will sit when we redo the siding.

Stay tuned for updates on the kitchen. It's nearly done and we're really excited to finally be able to cook again.

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  1. dude this looks great. I really like those fish you caught, enlarged with photoshop and recolored! they look sweet and almost real. :)